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The legendary VJ Sport IRock everyone knows and loves, with a wider last!

The VJ Sport IRock+ has been designed with a new noticeably wider last, making the shoe a lot more spacious than the original versions. There is a lot more room in the toe box and forefoot area, but you’ll find the same precise fit in the heel and midfoot.

The VJ Sport IRock has long been the most aggressive VJ shoe without metal studs for softer ground conditions. It’s specifically designed lug configuration gives optimal grip when it’s slippery but still sheds loose debris that could otherwise hinder traction. The IRock+’s lug configuration closely mimics the original IRock lug configuration, but the surface area of the IRock+’s lugs are a tad larger. VJ’s signature Butyl rubber outsole compound gives the IRock the world-famous grip it is known for.

The shoe’s midsole is made of a material called LightEVA. Essentially this is a perfectly balanced form of lightness, bounciness, and resilience. Ideal for the challenging terrains you could be putting this shoe through.

The mesh upper of the VJ IRock+ is made of armoured nylon which is durable and protects the foot on rough terrains and adventures. The IRock+ has a soft heel cup to add comfort, improve fit, and to combat chafing.

  • Featuring a wider toe box, the same locked down and secure fit in the heel.
  • An armoured nylon mesh encapsulating your foot for a secure fit and protective feel.
  • VJ’s new LightEVA midsole that is both lighter and more responsive than found in previous models.
  • 5.5mm lugs in VJ’s signature Butyl rubber mirror the IRock but with more width for increased contact offering better traction on rocks and harder packed trails.
  • Drop 6mm
  • Weight 240g

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